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Jumping spiders of Colorado

Posted 9/3/2017

I visited my long-time scientific collaborator Jennifer Mueller in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, in August 2017. We did a couple of weekend hikes to the gorgeous Colorado nature. I caught a few jumping spiders and shot them in my yoghurt container field studio.

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Posted 9/2/2017

I attended a mathematical conference in the Fileds Institute in Toronto in August 2017. In my free time I had a chance to do some architectural and street photography.

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Amazing Slime Molds

Posted 8/8/2017

Slime molds are strange organisms. While being only a single cell with several nuclei, they have remarkable capabilities. Some species can search their surroundings for food in such an effective manner that scientists are designing algorithms mimicking them.


Observing and studying slime molds is my new hobby. Here are some photos. First: ant walking on Lycogala epidendrum and watching the smaller red ones, namely Lycogala conicum.

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Lake, With Moon

Posted 8/6/2017

Lake Kuuhankavesi at full moon. 

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Helsinki Sea Views

Posted 8/6/2017

Helsinki is located on the shore of the Baltic sea. I love to shoot ships in the soft light of long summer evenings.

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New York City

Posted 4/17/2017

I had a week-long holiday on Manhattan. Here are some photographic outcomes!

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Jesus College, Cambridge, UK

Posted 3/12/2017

I attended a scientific conference at the Jesus College in Cambridge in February 2017. Here are a couple of shots of the beautiful old college.

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Baltic sea coast in Helsinki

Icy close-ups

Posted 2/12/2017

I took these ice photos while hiking in Sipoonkorpi National Park east of Helsinki, Finland.

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Double-lithium portraits

Posted 1/7/2017

I found some of my darkroom experiments from early 2000's. The technique for creating these ortraits was quite involved. The pictures were shot with a 4x5 view camera and a very strong studio flash on orthocromatic film Agfaortho. Why orthocromatic film? It is not sensitive to red light, so the negatives could be developed in the darkroom using lith developer while seeing the development in progress. This gives an extraordinary look to the highlights (dark parts of the negatives). The prints were developed in lith as well, producing strong blacks in the images. Finally, the prints were toned with sepia followed by gold. Enjoy!

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