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Spiders: best of 2016

Posted 10/16/2016

Spiders, those lovely eight-legged creatures, are my eternal favourites as photographic topics. Here are my best spider shots from year 2016 (sadly, the season starts to be over for this year!).

Let me start with a classic: a perky, joyous, and cute jumping spider. 

Evarcha sp.Evarcha sp.

Evarcha sp., family Salticidae.

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Dew Pearls

Posted 10/6/2016

Water drops in a spider web among moss.

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Mushrooms and Lichen: Autumn Moods

Portraits, in B&W

Posted 8/7/2016

In the 1980's and 1990's I did a lot of darkroom work with black&white photography, especially portraits.  From time to time it is fun to return to that aesthetic. Here are a few recent examples, completely digital.

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Lovely Lichen

Posted 8/2/2016

A couple of focus-stacked close-up images of lichen.

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Scientist Photographs Computer Bugs

Posted 7/17/2016

For the first time, computer bugs have been successfully photographed by a Finnish imaging scientist, Professor Samuli Siltanen. The perpetrators belong to the order of arachnids called Opiliones, commonly known as harvestmen. The precise species needs yet to be identified, but there is strong indication that it would be Leiobunum rotundum. Further studies should bring clarity to this issue.

As the type of bug is now close to identification, effective debugging strategies can be designed. This is an important step for the mankind on the way to remove errors from computer programs for good.

Disclaimer: this post is a (stupid) joke. I hope you enjoy the photos, nevertheless!

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Rye Field

Posted 7/13/2016

Rye cereal growing in Finland. It is the basic ingredient in the Finnish-style dark bread.

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Delightful Insects

Posted 7/10/2016

Here is a collection of insect close-ups. So beautiful animals!

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Spider Romance

Posted 7/6/2016

Two sheet-web weaver spiders (Neriene emphana), male and female, courting. However, my patience ran out in waiting to see the whole process. But please enjoy these close-up views or arachnid love anyway!

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Early Morning Landscape

Posted 7/6/2016

I woke up at 5am in midsummer night and took this photo. The impressive clouds are of type cirrus uncinus, I believe.